SV-4B V39


Goetsenhoven Airfield - SV-4B V39 lined up


SV-4B V39 and V4 (background)


SV-4B V39 and Belgian Air Cadets  in 1965


SV-4B V39 with tow hook for glider towing ( Willem Labro 1952)



Last remains of SV-4B V39 at the 1 Wing Historical Center Beauvechain (partly restored)


SV-4B V39 and V42 with still the silver color and yellow band on the fuselage ( © Jean-Claude Heurter)


c/n 1181
frame/n 200.39
07-10-1952     FF in hands of Jean Stampe
07-10-1952     TOC with engine Cirrus Major Mk.III n°3507
08-10-1952     DD to ARS - Wevelgem
16-10-1952     To DEPE/DEVS
16-02-1953     To EPE/EVS
26-04-1954     To DEPE/DEVS
17-02-1955     To EO/OS - Nivelles
07-05-1955     To EPE/EVS
14-04-1956     Cat.1 accident, Place ?
       Navigation problem in bad weather condition, emergency landing; TT 1173:05hrs
00-08-1956     To P.Avi/Vl.P, Wevelgem for storage
03-09-1956     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC231.189
       Installation of a glider towing hook "Sauterelle", Contract n° BC231.057
       Installation of a "Harnais fabrication"?, Contract n° BC266.018; TT 1203:15hrs
18-09-1957     R/O from IRAN and modifications. Moved the same day to P.Avi/Vl.P, Wevelgem for storage
00-10-1957     To EPE/EVS
00-03-1962     To 7th Wing, Chièvres AB for glider towing
21-10-1962     Cat.1 accident Chièvres AB (B)
       Spiner bolt broken during taxi
       Crew: Solo / unhurt; TT 1955:05hrs
12-04-1964     To EPE/EVS
25-04-1964     To 7th Wing for glider towing
13-01-1966     To EPE/EVS
03-03-1966     To 7th Wing, Chièvres AB for glider towing
28-12-1966     To Stampe & Renard for IRAN, Contract n° BC266.018;TT 2798:30hrs
28-04-1967     R/O from IRAN and moved the same day to EPE/EVS
14-10-1968     Cat.5 accident Overhespen (B)
       Inverted spin during aerobatic training. Pilot bailed out too late so his parachute couldn't be opened.
       Crew: Solo / killed 
15-10-1968     To 21st Logistic Wing
23-06-1969     SOC; TT 3463:55hrs - remains of one wing of V39 are on display at the 1 Wing Historical Center Beauvechain (B)


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