SV-4B and Stampe & Vertongen related publiciations

Flight to Freedom by Michael Donnet Published by Ian Allen

When the Germans invaded Belgium in May 1940, Michael Donnet had just completed his training as an officer cadet in the Belgian Air Force. After a desperate one sided battle against the might of the Luftwaffe which ended with Belgium's surrender, Donnet and his friend Leon Divoy were determined to carry on the fight, -in the air. Under the very noses of the Germans at an ammunition depot in the Foret de Soignes outside Brussels, they discovered a small biplane of ancient vintage apparently immobilised for the duration of the war. How Donnet and Divoy repaired the aircraft, collected the petrol and eventually took off for England all within earshot of a German garrison, is an escape story in the classic mould. It is told here in enthralling detail by Michael Donnet himself.
But the story did not end with the arrival in England. Donnet and Divoy both became Spitfire pilots in the Royal Air Force and though Divoy crashed in spectacular circumstances and became a prisoner of war for the second time, Donnet became one of the leading RAF fighter pilots of the Second World War. Taking part in fighter operations from continuously from 1942 until VE Day, he tells a gripping account of the day to day life of one member of that gallant band of exiles who added so much to the lustre of the Royal Air Force.This unique personal story is lavishly illustrated with many original photographs from the author's personal collection.


Les Avions Stampe by Reginald Jouhaud Published by Wimpel Amsterdam

Stampe! The name was for years on every sporting aircraft addicts lips.The SV4 has become a flying legend,still to be enjoyed by a happy few.On the sixtieth year of its birth,the time has come to reflect back on its fate that no other Belgian, and very few foreign designs can rival.This book provides an exhaustive history,that starts with the early life of Jean Stampe,leading up to the formation of his company with Rene Vertongen.It goes on with the R.S.V., then the SV eras, and focusses on his achievement, the SV4.
Copiously illustrated with photographs many of which hitherto unpublished, 3-view line drawings, the lineage of the Stampe SV4 is traced from the first R.S.V.32 of 1923, and is followed through to the projected S.R.11 of 1968.


Les Avions Renard byAndre Hauet

Resultant de l' association de deux pilotes : Jean Stampe et Maurice Vertongen, le sigle "SV"
apparut en 1923. L'ingenieur Alfred Renard etudia et dessinales plans des avions qui furent fabriques sous l'appellation "RSV".
En 1925, l'ingenieur et son frere Georges fonderent la Societe des avions et motors Renard.Au cours des annees 1927-1928, les freres Renard s'etant separes de Stampe et Vertongen, s'installerent avenue Jules Bordet a Evere (Bruxelles) et creerent la firme " Renard Constructions Aeronautiques" En 1937, la firme sortit le chasseur R-36,monoplace a moteur Hispano-canon.L'accident du pilote de Spoelbergh mit fin a la commande que devait passer l'Aviation militaire belge.
Apres les hostilities, Jean Stampe et Alfred Renard se retrouverent pour fonder la societe Stampe et Renard dont la principale activite fut de reprendre la fabrication des SV-4B.
Leurs dernieres fabrications furent le SV-4Det le SR-7B.
La soiete Stampe et Renard ferma definitivement ses portes en janvier 1970.



Stampe SV4 by Reginald Jouhaud published by Ouest France

Including more photos and drawings than text, this booklet sets out clearly the history of the SV4 in just 32 pages. A prelude to Jouhard's masterpiece "les avions Stampe", "Stampe SV4" contains much which does not appear in his later work. Currently outof print (at 30/8/99), it may be found in one of the aviation bookshops. Try The Aviation Bookshop tel 44(0)171 2723630.



Crash archive BAF

A selection of 190 pictures coming from the Belgian Air Force crash file archives. A short text explains such incidents as bird strikes, hard landings, collisions, taxi-accidents, engine failures, etc. Including Canucks, Hunters, Mosquitos Thunderjets, Thunderstraks, Thundeflashes, Spitfires, Tiger Moths without forgetting the SV4's (114 pages, 190 pictures, (Daniel Brackx)

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Aircrafts served in the BAF

Overview of each aircraft type having served in Belgium since WWII including the Belgian Air Force, Navy, Army, Openbare Macht/Force publique, State Police, Air Cadets. Each individual aircraft is mentioned with information on its registration, c/n, date in/out, fate, squadrons, etc. Contains also the individual history of each military SV-4B.


Cockpits and pilots

Description and professionel photo of 46 airplane cockpits. Also an interview with the pilots about the technical aspects of the cockpit. Among those airplanes are the Britten-Norman Lisander, the Sea King, Tipsy-Nipper...and Stampe Vertongen SV-4B. The book has 180 pages with detailed illustrations. Authors are Frans Van Humbeeck and Paul Van Caesbroeck. The book costs 39 eur ( shippingcosts in Belgium 4 eur), subscription account 652-5701158-65 of Het Streekboek BVBA, Vrasenestraat 109, B-9100 Nieuwkerken-Waas.




Guide of the Belgian aviation heritage

Inventary of aviation monuments, gate keepers, musea, grave yards, works of art, relics, architecture related to the Belgian Aviation History. This book, written by Frans Van Humbeek, is edited only in Dutch, counts 250 pages and over 500 pictures.

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Gloster Meteor F4

First book about one of the airplanes used by the Belgian Air Force : The Gloster Meteor F4. Written by the famous Belgian Aviation Historian Daniel Brackx, and edited  by Flash Avaition Shop. Book has 52 pages and detailed profiles by designer Bob Block.This is a limited edition, only 1000 are available. Book is in Dutch and will be presented at the public on December 18 2010 at the Air Museum in Brussels. For all information :






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