Pilot's Notes - original EVS SV-4B manual and system details.



In the early years pilots had no internal radio system but had to speak in a "horn" as seen on this picture


SV-4B pilot - photo taken early 1960  (C) Hubert Sermon



"Avis à l élève pilote" - very rare document - pdf file - click on the image (thanks to Willy Bruyninckx Prom 122 July 1951)

Original SV-4B of the Pilot's Notes -pdf file -click on the image (thanks to Guy Vanderlinden)

Adobe Reader can be downloaded here for free  

Fuel System

(C) AELR/BAM Guy Destrebecq Collection


Oil system



Oil Tank of restorated SV-4B V19 OO-ROR 


Electrical wiring

This is the vintage navigation light that was fixed in the middle upon the upper wing. This kind of navigation light (not allowed anymore) was green at the starboard side, red at the port side and white in the back (so 3 colors in 1 light). The same navigation light was fixed in the middle of underneath the lower wing


In the back cocpit of the SV-4B a morse key was installed to manipulate the identification (morse) light. There is at this moment only one SV-4B still flying with this kind of identification light, the V29 OO-GWB. The lamp was fixed at the right side under the fuselage, some 40 cm after the lower wing. The morse key could be set locked and unlocked, and was used in case of radio problems.



navigation light and identification (morse) light.

Airtest document


Additional information

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