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Antwerp Stampe Center the only excisting Stampe-Vertongen museum (Belgium), every year there is a SV-4 fly-in

R.A.A.C. Royal Antwerp Aviation Club, here in the thirties the first SV-4B flew

A.S.A. Aviation Society Antwerp, pictures and civil register of all Belgian Airplanes

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome great site about the Old Rhinebeck Airfield in New York USA were an SV-4B found his home.

The American Stampeiste SV airplanes in the USA   

Dragon Airways selection of SV-4 pictures

The biplane page about Tiger Moth, SV-4B and Jungmann

SV-4B stamps ...yes they excist

Airfield EBGT site about the closed airfield of Gent St Denys Westrem, once home base of SV-4B OO-GWB

OY-DBC Denemarken Dansk Veteranflysamling in Stauning Danmarke, homebase of SV-4B V 62

SV-4B in USA registered Stampes 4B in USA (2)

SV-4B OO-SVB download for Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX   

Robert's site with airplanes of the Belgian Air Force, and the SV-4B

SV4 Sky Venture for pleasure looking for an exciting flight experience ?

Airfield EBGG once home base of SV-4B V41 OO-LUK, now fantastic home of "Phoenix", Flemish Soaring Center.

Site about the SV5 Latvia site about their airplanes and the the SV5

Site about an old SV4 in France - great site about "le vieux biplan" F-BDNF

Belgian Aviation portal site - general Belgian aviation site  

FAS Flanders Aviation Society - airfield of Wevelgem were several SV-4 planes are homebased 

Air to air photography   great site of aviation photographer Jan "pictureman" Vanhulle  

Rick Rickard's SV-4C site   Warbird site with the history of Canadian Rick Rickard's SV-4C 

369 Squadron   Belgian Vintage Aircraft Association 

Planecheck  The gateway to general aviation airplane trade 

SV-4B in model building

D&L Designs Doug Lee's site about modelbuilding of the SV-4B

PJ Production plasric models scale 1/48 and 1/72 of the SV-4B and SV-4C

Engel-Modelbuilding German model plane of a SV-4B on scale 1/4

Aviation News Plan Service buy a plan to build an SV-4B scale 1/72

Films with SV planes

Films in which SV planes were used

Aviation History in Belgium

Belgian Wings The site to visit about the Belgian Aviation History

Belgian Aviation News   Belgian aviation site to exchange information and experience. 

Brussels Air Museum Royal Army and Military History Museum in Brussels - Belgium

BAMRS Brussels Air Museum Restauration Society

BAHL Belgia Aviation Heritage Library, great photocollection and informationcenter about aviation history in Belgium

The Renard Foundation site about the Belgian planes build by Renard

Wreckhunters great site about Belgian aviation wrecks, gate guards, monuments... 


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Database, history and gallery of the 65 airplanes that were used by the Belgian Air Force, and the still flying planes.
Acro Team "Les Manchots" , the SV planes they used, and the aces. Article of Dominique Hanson.
Crash report of the accident with SV-4b V43 in Twente (Netherland) in 1986 - Crash report of the accident with SV-4B V53 at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome New York (USA) in 2001 - SV-4B crashes in Belgium database of all Belgian SV-4B crashes
SV-4B with Blackburn Cirrus engine article of L. Wittemans.
Other types of SV airplanes and the LINK trainer , the other types of SV airplanes build bij Stampe Vertongen and an article about the LINK trainer, the first generation of flight simulators.
SV-4B OO-ATD and Divoy and Donnet, flight to freedom of Leon Divoy and Michel Donnet and SV-4B OO-ATD - SV-4B OO-ACB van Verbraeck en Reuter and their flight from France to Portugal in 1940
SV-4B V2 trip to Kamina (Congo) , in 1950 military pilot Manu Geerts had to deliver SV-4B V2 in Congo, Kamina. A trip of 10.578km, and 66 hrs flying time, article of R. Decobeck.
SV-4B in WWII in Africa , at the beginning of WWII 24 planes of the earlier SV-4B version airplanes, were transferred to Congo, at that time a Belgian Colony. This version had no closed canopy. An article of L. Wittemans.
Belgian Air Cadets , they used for several years the last military SV-4B airplanes.
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