SV-4B Pilot Gear in the early years

In the years the SV-4B was used, there was no special pilot gear. The Belgian Air Force used in the first years  WW II RAF material, as the grey flight suit, seat parachute, leather C helmet, MK VIII goggles and H Oxygene mask.

This mask was not connected with an oxygene supply, as this was not necessary in the SV-4B, but was only used for the communication. The later suits and helmets were those used in the operational Squadrons.

But a very special helmet used in the 50-60ties was the blue conversed French paratroopers Gueneau 202 helmet. This helmet replaced the leather C helmet, was also used with the same goggles and mask, but the shell of the helmet was harder and more protective, covered in blue and with an easier sytem to close it, as the helmet was not used as used by paratroopers.

As this blue Gueneau 202 helmet is so special in the history of the SV-4B, I made this page. And I must thank Christof Van Eeckhoudt, son of Brig. Gen. ret. Guy Van Eeckhoudt (who is flying today with SV-4B V30 OO-MON), who provided a lot of information about the SV-4B pilot gear.

One of the blue helmets on this page was used by former Belgian pilot Gilbert Mullenders.


Flight suits





Photos thanks to Karel Vervoort, Jean-Marie Maguin, J. de Beucken and Christof Van Eeckhoudt.


Seat Parachutes


First used former storage WW2 RAF IRVIN seat parachute (same as in Spitfires) - info Christof Van Eeckhoudt


Later EFA French model Parachutes Clichy Seine / type Fouga Magister  - info Christof Van Eeckhoudt




RAF C Helmets (Karel Vervoort) - Gueneau helmet and P3 helmet (Christof Van Eeckhoudt)


Pilots  with the blue Gueneau 202 helmet


Photo 1969 J.M Renwart

This blue helmets were also used by the acro team "Les Manchots"


The blue Gueneau 202 conversed helmet

New unused helmet


Helmet of pilot Gilbert "MUMU" Mullenders and radio headset connection


Mic connection to the helmet


Two possible reconstructions with RAF H mask and MK VIII goggles  (see different - smaller - mic)


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