Artwork of Kurt Basslé

SV-4B V43, one of the 7 earlier SV4 planes that were delivered in 1940, and that was still used in Belgian Congo in 1957. Paintingg measures 60x 80 cm, and is painted on black paper what gives the special color effects. This painting is unique and for sale ! Left the complete painting, right detail of the SV-4B.

The paintings are made with airbrush on illustration board or oil on canvas. Subjects are aircraft of which not only the type is known but also a "background story". For instance: who flew the plane, was it part of a historic event, etc...

These paintings are reproduced in series of prints. Always in limited edition, individually numbered and signed by the artist. Also with a few lines of text about the subject. Whenever possible, signed by a pilot or crewmembers.

Dimensions : 16" by 24".  So a collectors item for the aviation enthousiast.

Commissioned paintings are also made. Then of course, the commissioner chooses the subject, size and surface. Complete packages (f.i. a commissioned painting and a set of prints of this painting) are also possible..

Hereby some works af art, painted by Kurt Basslé :

Belgian F-104G of 10th Wing    -   Belgian Fouga Magister CM 170

Lancaster DX-P of 57 th Sqd crashed in Belgium in 1942  -  FW 190 A4 shot down in Belgium in 1943


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