SV-Elementaey Flying School ( EVS / EPE )


Original "Pilotage" book


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SV-4B line up Goetsenhoven with acro team 'Les Manchots' on the left (C. Van Eeckhoudt)




Airfield Goetsenhoven, with controltower and ADF antennas.

ADF stands for Automatic Direction Finder. It comprises a navigational instrument used in connection with NDBs (non-directional radio beacons) to determine a relative sounding. The system allows for reliable navigation at low altitudes. Homing or latching onto the NDB is the only means to not get completely lost.


SV-4B's as seen ot the AT Goetsenhoven (private collection)



SV-4B's at Koksijde Airbase in 1951 (Collection Willy Bruyninckx)



Military pilot training on SV-4B in the 50ties

see also part 2 - part 3 and part 4 of the military pilot training



Menu "End of EVS/EPE (Elementary Flying School)


 Badge 5th BAF Squadron in the 80 ties


  Goetsenhoven in 2018 - lost heritage 



Collection Koen Vantorre


Collection Willy Bruyninckx

Photo Lambert Denerette














Collages Jozef Vandevorst (Goetsenhoven)


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