SV-4B Stampe Vertongen

   The History of the Belgian post war biplane trainer SV-4B  

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Belgian Wings is "the" source for information on Belgian Aviation; historical as wel as up-to-date news, civil or military.

Great blog to help Belgian aviation enthusiasts for sharing information about Belgian Aviation History whatever the language, the culture, the race or the country is, in a non profit philosophy.

Hangar Flying started out as an e-zine in October 2007. We bring articles and photo impressions on Belgian aviation.

Brussels Air Museum.  The wealth and diversity of the collections presented in the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History attract surprise and admiration from our compatriots as well as from the many foreign visitors.

1 Wing Historical Center Beauvechain. An in- and outdoor museum where you can see the history of the Belgian Military Aviation.

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***SV-4B V57 and  SV-4B V60*****


Aviation Society Antwerp - civil aviation register





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